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Active Ingredient: Abamectin 1.8%

Emulsifiable Concentrated Substance

The perfect insecticide to eradicate all kinds of spiders and tunnel makers.

Vermectin has a distinct method of effect that is unique when compared with other compounds as it affects by direct contact and swallowing, and it takes 3-4 days to reach the maximum efficiency of the effect.

For best results, the plant should be covered completely by washing with a spray solution.

A natural preparation to eliminate spiders and tunnel makers in different crops.
It contains an active substance that is produced in nature by some organisms that live in the soil.
It eliminates a wide range of spiders and tunnel makers as it penetrates the tissues of leaves and is stored inside them to remain effective for a long time.
It penetrates the surface of the leaves quickly and thus leaves the opportunity for beneficial insects to feed on harmful spiders. An effective natural preparation used against spiders that have immunity to other compounds.
It is environmentally friendly as it is a natural compound so it breaks down in the soil quickly.
It is used on a wide range of agricultural crops and ornamental plants, as it does not cause burns or deformations in the treated plants. The pre-harvest period is short, which facilitates collection and export procedures.
It penetrates the surface of the leaves quickly into the tissue, which gives rapid and immediate protection to the tissues of plants treated for long periods and is not affected by rain fall. Suits the needs of exporters.


Active Ingredient: Pyridaben 20%

It is characterized by its stability and not affected by the change in the pH of the spray water, as it is stable for 48 hours at a pH of (5-9).

Agricultural pesticide that works by contact.
High effectiveness in all stages of the advanced acaris (nymph – adult) except for eggs.
High efficacy in controlling the following pests: (nymph and adult mites), whitefly.
It gives effective plant protection for at least 35 days.


Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam 24%

Say goodbye to sucking piercing insects.

More production, more quality, and more safety.

Prepared in the form of water-soluble granules which has a fast and long impact in the elimination of various sucking piercing insect pests.

ActiveThia works in a new and unique way, as it stops the chemical nerve communication between the ends of the nerve cells inside the nervous system in locations where other insecticides of different chemical groups do not work on.

Superior systemic effectiveness.
It is used in all agricultural treatments, whether spraying or soil treatment.
Effective in eliminating various sucking piercing insects (such as whitefly, aphids, jassids, and mealy bugs).
Quick absorption into plant tissues.
It is used with high efficiency on many vegetable and fruit crops.
Safe for humans and the environment, as well as for natural biological enemies.
Certain and distinct effectiveness in controlling insect strains that have acquired resistance against other chemical groups.
Rapid distribution through leaf and plant tissues.
Compatibility with different sprinklers or in drip or watering networks. Producing a crop that is free from viral diseases, and obtaining strong and ideal vegetative growth with abundant yield and high quality.
It breaks the resistance system of the insect as it is characterized by a method of affecting a site on which the rest of the traditional and common chemical groups do not work.
The efficiency of the pesticide is not affected by the difference in temperature and humidity, and it does not get washed with rain water.
It reduces the number of needed sprays in the integrated pest management programs. Suits the needs of exporters.


Active Ingredient: 250 g/L Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Kretyos is an insecticide for insect control in Cereals, Citrus, Grapes, Vegetable and Forage Brassicas, Tomatoes, Beans, Onions, Potatoes, Maize, Sweet corn (seedlings) and White Clover seed crops.

Kretyos is an innovative high tech, patented water based encapsulated formulation, which delivers rapid release of he active ingredient (lambda-cyhalothrin) to the target site.

Kretyos contains 250g/L of lambda-cyhalothrin, a member of the synthetic pyrethroid (SP) group of chemicals.

The active ingredient rapidly penetrates the cuticle of the target pest species.

Long Lasting Control (UV Protection, up to 10 days residual activity)
Low Application Rates (less packaging waste)
Rapid Knockdown of Key Insects (RLEM, Cockchafers, Aphids, Cutworms, Budworms, Loopers, Thrips, Diamond Back Moth and Cabbage White Butterfly)
Gazing and Harvest Flexibility
Excellent Compatibility (with a wide range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and liquid fertilisers)
Once adsorbed, it disrupts the transmission of the nerve impulses, leading to an immediate cessation of feeding, loss of muscular control, paralysis and eventually death.

The active ingredient is sealed in tiny, thin-walled capsules suspended in water, and is released upon contact with the leaf surface or target pests.

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